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Does this software help to manage big projects ?


Want to manage IT &Telecom also construction work projects

asked by Muhammad Khalid M.  –  August 23, 2013

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3 Answers


Dear Khalid,
You need such software which manages your construction work projects and IT businesses in huge level.
QuickFMS can solve your problem that has state of art technology which provide cloud based business services like Asset management, Property management, Help desk support management, Space optimization, Reservation and Scheduling manager which helps businesses to runs smoothly with easy management.

answered by Amit P.  –  September 10, 2015

management software will be very much useful to manage projects and other requirement for your organization.

answered by Amit P.  –  March 1, 2016

Hi, I understood your requirement, you need a software where you can manage your project along with all other feature you may require along the way. I would suggest you to try eworksmanager SME software. Its basically a web based software also available on android and other smart phones. using it you can schedule your employees and manage them easily. You can track their work, assign work and schedule shifts and much more, also check out the blog post titled 10 best free employee scheduling software tools for SMEs.

answered by Ajaharuddin M.  –  March 14, 2017

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