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Downloaded your 2013 “Top 10 Human Capital….Report”. What ranges do the cost indicators give?

asked by Drew F.  –  December 9, 2013
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Hi Drew,

Great question! The ranges vary by report, but in the case of our Top 10 Human Capital Management report, $ represents up to about $1,000 per year; $$ signifies $1,001 - $5,000; $$$ represents the range of $5,001 - $10,000; and $$$$ represents anything above that. Keep in mind that these are all approximations. Of course the number of employees/users for each system is also factored into these numbers, so some systems might seem more expensive but include a larger number of users.

We'll also be releasing a new report format for the new year with clearer pricing details, so stay tuned!

answered by Kristin Crosier  –  December 10, 2013

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