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Easiest emr

asked by Gary B.  –  September 30, 2013

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The easiest EMR will be the one that I as a primary care doctor design with the help of a Computer Soft ware expert. A lot of the geniuses who design beautiful software have not much idea about what a doctor needs. They do have a pretty good sense of what the government run healthcare requires, but not too much ideas about what would make a doctor's job easier for productivity, feedback, checks and balances. There are issues in healthcare that only doctors or mid-level providers understand. When one needs to design a system for example, then one needs to know that the insurance companies only pay for the first 4 ICD-9 diagnoses. Why then leave an open ended section about problems when some patient come in to refill medications for 5 problems, then they want to entertain us with 10 more problems. How is the EMR designed to prevent this issues? they are not! There are a multitude of issues that can be solved with a well designed system. Are You ready? Willy Gaspar MD

answered by William G.  –  December 30, 2013

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