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ERP vs. MRP which is better for me?


Our company manufacturers milling tools for the power industry. We assign serial numbers to every tool we manufacture. We sell the tools, but also keep a fleet of tools that we rent to our clients. We also function as a job shop. Which system would be best to handle these multiple types of businesses that we operate under one company name? ERP or MRP?

asked by Brenda F.  –  September 23, 2013

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Hello Brenda,

Thank you for such a detailed and intelligent question. Your company sounds like it will benefit from an MRP solution. Materials requirement planning works best with manufacturers who plan and manage many disparate parts and pieces for custom orders in particular. The solution is an inventory management, scheduling and shipping management tool combined. If you need to track and order parts for specific or custom products, MRP is your solution.

However, this is not a matter of ERP vs. MRP. MRP is typically a module within ERP, so you can implement a manufacturing ERP with MRP tools. Our Top 10 MRP report details which solutions are best to consider.

answered by Miranda Limonczenko  –  September 26, 2013

Hi Brenda,

Your question has recently been answered in our Friday "From the Community" series. Feel free to check out your detailed answer here.

answered by Miranda Limonczenko  –  October 18, 2013

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answered by Bobby Rudder  –  November 14, 2013

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