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For my Organic Beauty Products what CRM and SCM software are ideal to help my business


I’ve been running a rapidly increasing company and just recently aquired a few small others to aid in production and delivery. Currently they aren’t tied up together on the IT side but i require a good SCM system to manage everyone and a CRM to improve customer satisfaction in supply and sales.

The software needs to be tailored and fitting to my needs

asked by ryan t.  –  October 22, 2013
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Hi Ryan -

I'd like to know more about your SCM requirements. Are you looking for a Warehouse Management Solution (WMS)? If so my company has a leading SaaS WMS called Snapfulfil that may be a fit. Happy to discuss further.

Best Regards,

Kirk Anderson

answered by Kirk Anderson  –  October 22, 2013

@Ryan, bpmonline CRM. See here

answered by Suman P.  –  April 1, 2014

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