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How do you compare the features and capabilities of QuickBooks as against the other accounting softwares beling to the top 15 Accounting Softwares?

asked by raymund manaig  –  March 5, 2013
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Our Top 15 Accounting Software report is not really a direct comparison of each product with respect to features. Rather, our methodology for deciding what to includes uses a wide range of criteria, and necessarily a one-to-one comparison of features. This report is looking at providing a list of the top vendors in terms of innovative, leading edge companies, and this could be a startup or a market leader, thus the wide range.

answered by Amanda Andonian  –  March 6, 2013

Hi Amanda - Thank you for your answer. I am just looking for documented results of comparison between/among accounting softwares. I just want to be aware on what could be the advantages of using QuickBooks or Peechtree against any other softwares. I think these softwares should have its own strengths or shall we simply say that every accounting software can provide basically the same requirements. Like in the case of Payroll, Inventories, Printing of Check Vouchers together with Checks, Point of Sale systems, Printing Billing Statements, etc... These are critical features that I prefer to be available and easy to use. The answer/s to this question shall be my basis in purchasing an accounting software solution.

Again, thank you!


answered by raymund manaig  –  March 6, 2013

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