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I am looking to Leave Netsuite due to predatory price increases after 4 years a client.

asked by Anthony P.  –  April 29, 2013

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Anthony, I am not sure where you are located or the size of your company but if you are in North America and looking for a small to mid-size ERP software you should seriously consider Blue Link Elite ( Over the years, Blue Link and Netsuite have been competitors. Blue Link tries to be as transparent as possible.

answered by Michael Benedick  –  April 29, 2013

Anthony, you could look at BPMonline CRM. The system is powerful, easy to use and customize.
What makes BPMonline stand out from the rest of CRM solutions is a professional business process management engine to design, automate, monitor, and supervise business processes.
The solution is delivered at an incredibly inexpensive price point – just $35 / month / seat.
Give it a try at
All the best!

answered by Olga Noha  –  May 20, 2013

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