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I am looking to share detailed activity reports and sales analitycs for specific information within our CRM


We are independently hired by a dozen different companies to provide their sales and marketing. We need one CRM that can handle data being stored and or filtered by tags or other identifiers. Most CRM’s fail to give reporting features designed to filter by tags and provide the activity details on an as needed basis to share with our clients. Any thoughts on who does this well?

asked by BIll H.  –  August 27, 2013

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Yes. How about one system that can take the data loaded for each of your clients and report and track on each one independently? Even to the point where you can see daily activities related to each individual one, then at the flip of a button see entire daily activity across all your companies that you work for? Get with me to discuss the deeper reporting needs you may have. My company, Selltis has developed a CRM database that can handle multiple divisions in one place. We were made for industrial companies who have multiple locations, branches, offices. The functionality to do that is exactly the same as managing multiple clients databases.

Best Regards,

Rick Suhm

answered by Rick Suhm  –  August 28, 2013

See bpm'online CRM. Most flexible available for customized operations.

answered by Suman P.  –  April 1, 2014

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