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I have a small manufacturing facility and I would like to control inventories and suppliers, I sell all my items online, any software that I can use, thanks for your help.


I would like to control clients, inventories, suppliers, account receivables, payments, sales, annual sales, profit margins, etc.

asked by Enrico G.  –  July 21, 2015

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Hello Enrico,
You've a manufacturing unit and controlling the suppliers and customers is bit tough I can understand.

There are a lot information flows between your suppliers and customers you need a lot of space to store those data and also you need a management software that fulfil your all requirement.
Because of plenty of data you've to store difficult to manage storage space individual.
So, I suggest you to choose cloud storage with management solution.
It will cost you very less and keep you update and can access the data from any where.

I suggest you to took a demo of QuickFMS's facility management solution at very very low cost.

answered by Amit P.  –  September 15, 2015


If you are still looking for a solution for effective inventory management, here is one place that I can recommend based on my own personal experience. They offer you the best possible product development options as per your system requirement in the most affordable price

answered by liasa f.  –  May 2, 2016

I think you are finding all in one solution for your business which is also deals with the online selling..!

Then I would like to recommend you the Orderhive( it's a complete solution for any business like you. It's multi-channel inventory management system and it has over 40 plus integration for ecommerce and delivery services as well as book keeping. So I think you should at least give a try to it.

answered by Hrishi V.  –  September 7, 2016

You should go for a centralized inventory management system which syncs both offline & online sales.

I would recommend you to check out EMERGE App (

EMERGE App is an order & inventory management with simple accounting cloud software for small companies to boost productivity & drive higher profits Any company buying/selling a physical product (either online or offline) can use EMERGE App to manage their sales, purchasing, operations, inventory & basic accounting process. Company that are doing full or partial trading (no physical stocks) can also seamlessly manage orders & purchases.

Disclaimer: I work with EMERGE App, but I am sure you will love this app. We have first user FREE FOREVER plan.

answered by Alex L.  –  October 10, 2016

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