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I need a basic CRM for one Advisor use which can be installed in my laptop.

asked by Ahmed M.  –  April 30, 2013

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You can use Saleswah Lite CRM installable add-in to MS-Outlook that allows you to track sales opportunities and related tasks from the familiar Outlook interface.
Optionally sync (register) with Saleswah CRM on the cloud and get further,
- sync contact list
- sync task list
- sync opportunity list
- sync with Google Apps contacts, tasks
- get access to reports online
- get access to advanced features like sending quotes, proposals and campaigns to your clients.

Best is, for a single user, all the above is free!

answered by Anindya Chatterjee  –  April 30, 2013

Ahmed, what percentage of the adviser's time is going to spent being mobile or otherwise outside the boundaries of the office network? My own take is that you should pursue systems that at least have a cloud sync option (like Saleswah). SaaS CRM gives you the advantage of not having to be concerned about whether your laptop's hardware is going to be sufficiently powerful. Also, if you're only going to be interfacing with the CRM through a single device then cloud storage means it won't be a catastrophe scenario if that device gets stolen, disabled or destroyed.

answered by Mark Aspillera  –  May 1, 2013

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