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I need software that will transfer data from a resume to my database

asked by John R.  –  November 5, 2013
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Hi John,

Without knowing what type of database you're using, I won't be able to provide you with a specific answer. But what I can do is recommend a few talent management solutions, many of which allow you to organize candidate resumes on an application-based database. A product like TrackerRMS Recruitment allows you to easily review, search, and store resumes within the software's own database. Hirebridge Applicant Tracking is another talent management platform with a host of helpful tools for organizing and parsing resume details. Hope that helps!

answered by Kristin Crosier  –  November 6, 2013

ResumeGrabber Suite mass imports resumes from Google search results, Outlook email, PC folders and more. The software uses powerful resume parsing technology to accurately extract resumes and candidate contact information contained in it.

answered by Anushka C.  –  November 8, 2016

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