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What are the most proven inexpensive and highly effective CRM solutions on the market now and what are some to look out for?

asked by Rachel d.  –  August 8, 2013

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We have an excellent article on the top free CRM software currently available. Personally, I find Zoho and Insightly to be very powerful. Both are cheap and flexible, offering several different pricing options depending on the size and needs of your business. They are also cloud-based meaning you don't have to worry about servers or installing any of the software locally. All of the solutions mentioned on the article (including Zoho and Insightly) are geared more towards small to medium sized businesses. Leading CRM solutions for large to enterprise companies include Microsoft Dyanmics CRM and SalesForce. These solutions can be used for medium sized businesses as well if you have the budget for them. These two solutions are more robust, offering more features, scalability, and reliability to their customers. But they are also significantly more expensive than Zoho or Insightly.

answered by Chris Chang  –  August 8, 2013

Rachel, you could look at BPMonline CRM. Powerful and easy to use, the solution provides deep customization at an incredibly inexpensive price point – just $35 / month / seat.

The major benefit of the system is a comprehensive business process management engine.

More than that, the newest version comes with completely re-designed consumarized user interface that engages. With new interface the system is as simple as your favorite social network.

Test-drive it at

answered by Olga Noha  –  August 29, 2013

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