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Inventory and lot tracking solution for Vermont small-scale food processing businesses


We are evaluating cloud-based inventory management systems for Vermont small food processing businesses. This project, sponsored by the Vermont Farm Viability Program and the the Meat and Poultry Processors Association (with funding from the Vermont Working Lands Enterprise Initiative), is intended to help small-scale food processors across the state of Vermont. There are over 450 food processing businesses in Vermont.

The vision of the overall project is: To provide every small-scale food producer and processor in Vermont with an affordable, easy to implement, and easy to use lot tracking system, especially food businesses using food hub facilities, in order to meet FDA, USDA, and market-enforced food traceability requirements.

While the focus of this project is lot tracking, it is recognized by the project team that the software solution needs to be an inventory management system with lot tracking (traceability) features.

The goal of the current phase of the project is to select the inventory system which best matches the needs of Vermont small-scale food processors (food manufacturers) for features and affordability. Small scale means start-ups up to $1M in annual revenue. Food products include meat and produce, such as soups, sausage, pet food, burgers, cookies, etc.

We are looking for a software system that optimally spans the food inventory process, including purchasing, receiving, production, sales processing, and recalls. We are also interested in integration with hardware devices and software systems to make business operations more efficient and to enhance the desirability of the system by small food businesses.

Thank you any and all suggestions.

asked by Stan W.  –  July 28, 2013

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2 Answers


Hi Stan -

Snapfulfil sounds like it may be a fit. The solution is Cloud/SaaS based WMS with Inventory Control functionality. There is No Captial Expense, typically self funding via operation improvements, and a low monthly subscription. Hardware, implementation, training, support, etc... is included in the subscription. Lot/Batch tracking and traceability is included. Integrates to host and other solutions. Let me know how I can help.

Kirk Anderson

answered by Kirk Anderson  –  August 29, 2013

You can try the GOIS-PRO (Goods Order Inventory System Pro) for managing business inventories. It is also available for Android and iOS.

answered by Rahul K.  –  September 4, 2014

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