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Looking for ERP/MRP for small custom equipment mfg for use with SolidWorks


We are a small company that mfg. custom equipment. The equipment is always custom, we do not mass product anything. We also have a contracting division that uses our mfg. equipment and purchased equipment. This helps us prove the design. We also rent our equipment. We also purchase used equipment and create new assemblies from the purchased used parts and then sell as a pre-owned unit with some warranty. We have SolidWorks for Designing. We currently have Quick Books for payroll, accounting, inventory, etc. We are just now looking at QB capability for MRP and don’t know if it will work. Thus, we are looking at other ERP/MRP software to consider for replacing QB with. What we select must tightly integrate with SW or SolidWorks Enterprise PDM.

asked by Terry H.  –  August 30, 2013

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