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NetSuite CRM vs Salesforce Enterprise


I’m interested in the pros and cons of NetSuite CRM vs Salesforce Enterprise. What do you recommend?

asked by Susan H.  –  January 28, 2013

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2 Answers


They're both pretty comparable in terms of what they offer; they both cost nearly the same in terms of monthly subscription fees (not including support), and they have very similar features and functionality, though Salesforce has more social features with Chatter and whatnot. Both have bad reviews in terms of customer service, though.  

It really depends on what your business needs are. If you're in the professional services or packaged goods industry, then NetSuite is better equipped to meet your needs than Salesforce is. If you want to have more control over customer relationships, then Salesforce is the way to go, but it's not very customizable. 

answered by Amanda Andonian  –  January 28, 2013

Is there a detail comparison material for SalesForce vs NetSuite CRM? I would really like to understand the differences.

answered by Diane L.  –  January 29, 2016

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