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We are a $5M rapidly growing construction firm that needs a QuickBooks compatible CRM that can provide real time data, especialy on sales team activity and project progress. What suggestions do you have?

asked by Tony B.  –  January 15, 2013

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Hello Tony,
A good example is BPMonline CRM with new engaging interface.

It integrates seamlessly with QuickBooks:

As well as any other accounting system that supports one of the integration methods described here: .

Regards, Sophie.

answered by Sophie B.  –  April 2, 2014

Tony - I have a similar problem trying to find a CRM that works with my Quickbooks Enterprise. I have been researching for months. I tried using Zoho, but customer service was awful, and finding developers was a real pain. Originally, Zoho was able to connect with Quickbooks, but last year that was halted by Intuit.

This past week, we looked at Results CRM. It is the only one so far that I can find that works with both QB Online, and Desktop. I currently use desktop, because QB Online will not allow doing Purchase Orders, or track jobs. You and I both need to track jobs and do purchase orders, as I am also doing construction work in my medical supply business. Results CRM seems more expensive than what I was expecting. I am looking at about $ 10,000 to set it up, plus I need to invest in a new server in my office for it to work with my desktop QB Enterprise version so that I can have full functionality of QB.

I looked carefully for a CRM that allows for me to write up Service Tickets - for my technicians in the field who need to go back to existing customers to do repairs, or for initial Job Orders. Results seems to be a good fit right out of the box. I did a demo with them last week, and I will most likely do the free 30 day trial to make sure it's a good fit before laying out $ 10,000 +.

The downside of Results CRM? I can't find any current reviews of it on the internet. Reviews that I have found are from 2010, ancient in the world of the internet these days. I have asked Results for local companies that use it that I can call for a reference. CRM Magazine (, and others do not even talk about Results CRM.

So, my question is - Who is Results CRM and how strong are they in the world of CRM's? Are they really the only CRM solution out there that can integrate with QB? Will they be around in 5 years and grow with the growth of my company? I have no idea, and this is what I worry about....

If you find something, let me know... For all you other savvy CRM users, including, help us out! Who out there knows something about CRM's and integration with QB desktop????

answered by CRAIG C.  –  February 28, 2016

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