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Quickbooks vs. Sage 50


Is Peachtree a better product than Quickbooks?

asked by Charlotte D.  –  August 26, 2012

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2 Answers


Peachtree and QuickBooks are two leaders in the SMB accounting market. Whether Peachtree is better than QuickBooks will depend on your requirements, because the functionality and user experience of each is slightly different. Peachtree doesnt do automatic check signing, for instance, but it does beat out QuickBooks in job costing and customizable dashboards. The best thing to do would be to gather your requirements and compare them to what Peachtree and QuickBooks have to offer or sign up for a trial.

answered by Deniz Kuypers  –  August 27, 2012

Hi Charlotte,
We did an in-depth article based on your question where we examined the differences between QuickBooks and Peachtree. Check it out!

answered by James Sullivan  –  August 29, 2012

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