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asked by chris s.  –  August 20, 2013

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To add onto Rick's response, our Top 15 Cloud CRM Report or Top 10 Small Business CRM Report may be what you're looking for.

answered by Chris Chang  –  August 21, 2013


If you are an industrial or technical company you may want to look at our industry specific CRM "Strategic Selling" model. in the cloud, low start up cost, customer service to all users included. Other wise you can look in the top 40 reviews here listed on this site for reviews on the big box generic systems.

Good luck in your search!

Rick Suhm

answered by Rick Suhm  –  August 21, 2013

I would like to recommend you a CRM application that is used mostly by small and mid-sized companies - webCRM. Actually, I'm not quite sure, but web-based SaaS CRM solutions are made mostly for the small business, I think.

I'm using it, because I like the price, the features and the intuitive application interface. Here is more about it:

answered by Mason B.  –  September 29, 2013

Small businesses might take into consideration solutions with an easy to use and engaging interface with intuitive flow that affords for fast adaptation and personalized approach at building customer-faced business processes. Small businesses might also benefit from out-of-the-box processes that enable companies to jump start using the system and bring industry best practices to their work from day one. For example bpmā€™online (www.bpmonline) offers ready to go solutions that guide through the most effective actions to make the most of out of their sales and marketing efforts.
Check the capabilities and get a hands-on experience with no strings attached at:

answered by Yulia Karnaukh  –  December 24, 2014

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