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I need a software that can be used for controlling everything from purchases of raw materials, production, stock management, and distribution. The software should be flexible enough to manually alter parameters when needed (production process and values are not set)

asked by Julia V.  –  September 4, 2013

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Hi Julia -

ERP's will have high level functionality in each of these areas. However, you may find you need best of breed functionality for 1 or more of these areas. For example an ERP might give you high level inventory management but will not give you detailed Inventory Control down to the location level. For this type of requirement you'll need a Warehouse Management Solution. Similarly this is the case along the lines of order fulfillment and distribution. If you require a robust solution I can give you an overview of Snapfulfil to see if it might be a fit.


answered by Kirk Anderson  –  September 9, 2013

Hello Julia,

Kirk gave a very strong, precise answer. Manufacturing ERP is the surest bet to fulfill your overall business needs. But to be even more precise with the needs you listed, Material Requirements Planning fits the bill just right. It's a solution that handles material purchase, material levels, inventory management, and delivery planning. You can find our (just recently released) Top 10 Report right here if you're interested in our recommendations.

As a first stop, I recommend you check out Netsuite. It's a great end-to-end manufacturing ERP and MRP solution.

answered by Miranda Limonczenko  –  September 10, 2013

Julia, Forget best of breed. You don't want to mess with the lack of integration that comes with that. The whole point of ERP is that's its an enterprise package where the data is all in one place so you can do proper analysis of what's going on in the business. If you don't have an IT staff and don't want to have much of one then you should look at cloud based offerings. My company handles SAP Business ByDesign ( but another good one is NetSuite as Miranda said. Both of these require no IT staff, and are charged based on a monthly rate. They will cover what you have mentioned so far. But you will need 10 or more users to get into ByDesign. I'm not sure about NetSuite. If you are smaller than that you will have fewer choices in cloud based software.

answered by Daniel R.  –  September 16, 2013

Julia. Daniel does make a good point about a complete solution for one source of data but a jack of all trades is a master of none. Best of Breed Cloud/SaaS solutions like Snapfulfil integrates well with SAP, NetSuite, Microsoft, etc.... so don't let an integration discussion get in your way of looking at what is truly best for your business vs. what might only handle partial requirements.

answered by Kirk Anderson  –  September 16, 2013

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