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We are looking for an affordable CRM system…


We are a very small telecom business wholeselling 3G/4G wireless services. We are looking for an affordable CRM system that can handle monthly billing for our distributors, resellers, and end customers, inventory, customer order processing, etc.. Any suggestions would be welcome. We like NetSuite but found it to be prohibitively expensive. Please advise.

asked by Don O.  –  August 29, 2013

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Don, you could look at BPMonline CRM. The system is powerful, easy to use and customize.
What makes BPMonline stand out from the rest of CRM solutions is a professional business process management engine to design, automate, monitor, and supervise business processes.
Besides, the solution is quite inexpensive – just $35 / month / seat.

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answered by Olga Noha  –  September 10, 2013

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