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We are looking for an easy to use, low cost software to help manage our raw material purchases, outsourced production and distribution. We are a small company that outsources its bottling 2 locations in US, has a network of Distributors in several international markets on four continents, and manufacturing monitoring/mgmt is in Canada with sub-ordinates in US who deal on the ground with the bottling plants. Thanks, Brian W

asked by Brian W.  –  October 4, 2013

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Hello Brian -

I'm interested to learn more about your requirements. Are you looking for an ERP/MRP and/or a Warehouse Management Solution (WMS) to manage the raw materials, contract manufacturing/co packing, and final distribution? My firm provides a leading WMS that might be a fit and I'm happy to discuss further with you.

-Kirk Anderson
P: 303-464-7070

answered by Kirk Anderson  –  October 4, 2013

Hi Kirk,
Not sure what we need. We currently are able to manage our production and supplies through our manual system. We seek to automate our processes to reduce the possibility of errors through misinformation or misinterpretation. Our JIT system works this way: our US and overseas Distributors send their PO by fax; we order raw materials from our suppliers who ship directly to the bottling plant we select (based on location for best cost shipping), the plant mixes and bottles our product, we have QA specs that need to be met (not always the case) so we have had some returns and production problems (those bottlers are no longer used); the Distributor arranges their own FOB plant shipping (whether ground, sea or both). Currently we use 2 US bottling plants and will most likely be adding to our list elsewhere in the US and into Canada eventually. So access to current production information is critical. As we grow, so should the system capabilities. We do not carry any finished product inventory except perhaps some sales samples. Mostly is remainder raw materials from each order which are used in the next order.
Distributor purchases in US dollars (portion up front through wire transfer and remainder on pick-up) but it would help to be able to cost in other currencies to ensure cost effectiveness and good pricing for foreign markets. We also provide incentive discounts or product.


answered by Brian W.  –  October 4, 2013

Take a look at SAP Business ByDesign. Cloud based and international. It could handle this. See demos at our site

answered by Daniel R.  –  November 8, 2013

Dear Brian,
If you are still looking for a software that could facilitate your production follow-up, you may have a look at ( which is a web-based software specifically dedicated to the sourcing and production project. On Winddle, you get a global visibility of your orders progress. Information is updated and always available for partners who need it.

I will be very pleased to discuss further with you,

Best regards,

Emilia Jevakhoff

answered by Emilia J.  –  July 31, 2014

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