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What are new IT advances that need to be considered in choosing and maintaining business software?

asked by Catherine C.  –  May 8, 2013

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One thing you should be keeping tabs on is the trend towards Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) setups. By that I mean more offices are being pushed towards an IT environment where employees can use their personal devices to do their work and store work-related data. More often than not it's driven from the bottom up with individual employees making the push. Obviously, if you're looking to encourage employee mobility it's important that you make robust mobile apps a priority in your search.

answered by Mark Aspillera  –  May 8, 2013

The usability: your new business system should be available any time anywhere. In that regard a cloud solution is best. The user-experience of the system should be engaging based on context of the content. Take for example social media sites, a lot of people spend a lot of their time. Why not have such engaging business systems! Every business has internal processes. So the business system should also be able to visually support those processes, however complex those might be, so your employees literally see the big picture. Now a business system that does not bend to fit your unique business needs is no value. So a customizable platform should accompany that system. Above all a business system should simplify your business operations like bpm'online CRM does

answered by Suman P.  –  April 9, 2014

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