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What are the advantages and disadvantaged of open source ERP?


Will you recommend open source ERP?

asked by Ronnie%20 V.  –  July 18, 2013

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Hi Ronnie,

With open source ERP, companies can download the software programs free of charge with an extra bonus of access to the source code.

-The cost. the cost of open source ERP is a lot cheaper since there are no license fees,
-Lesser dependence on the vendor. Companies have access to the source code allowing them to customize the applications without much support from the vendor.
-Access to the Open Community
-100% Flexibility
-High Accuracy

-You're on your own. Freedom of being able to customize leaves you vulnerable to everything that happens if your system decides to crash.
-Compatibility issues with other packages.
-Finding local support and implementation services can be difficult.

Hope this helps!

answered by Karen Lau  –  July 19, 2013

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