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What are the differences between SugarCRM, NimbleCRM, and insightCRM?


What are the differences between SugarCRM, NimbleCRM, and insightCRM?

asked by Mark R.  –  February 21, 2013

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Sugar CRM is a true enterprise class CRM; with heaps of funtionality for sales and marketing automation, loggin and tracking. Sugar CRM allows customization both at user level as well as by trained consultants / system integrators who of course, will charge for their services.
On the flip side, you will likely need training to get started and it is rare to implement Sugar CRM without some customization- the cost of which is not insignificant.

Insightly is (though others may disagree) easy to use, fairly tightly integrated with Google, helps track leads, contacts, opportunities and this is extra- projects. I have had several SMEs ask me - okay, so after we have used your CRM to sell, what do we do with the customer? Insightly has a way of taking a pre-sales project into execution. (Comments from others welcome).
Nimble is, IMO, a contact manager - a darned good one at that. But, a CRM it is not. It is great at monitoring conversations across many social media channels (Twitter, FB, Linkedin) and even lets you engage with your contacts through Nimble on to the social media in question. But, I don't see that it does much for opportunity management, marketing automation, territory management (Insightly does not, either), activities related to sales opportunities (deal management) and it does not even do Account Management- I mean, there is no organization view of a prospect organization last I looked. Looking at individual contacts and monitoring opportunities at their level does not seem like what any B2B sales/ marketing professional will do.
Insightly is by far the cheapest and if you are intending to start off on your CRM journey, it might be your best bet (we are not related to Insightly in any way, matter of fact, we have a competing product- which is far less complicated to set up than Sugar but has most of the essential functionalities of a full blows enterprise class CRM - we are no slouch either in the ease of use and Google integration departments!)

answered by Anindya Chatterjee  –  March 12, 2013

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