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What are the preceived pros and cons of implementing EMR?

asked by Walter L.  –  June 17, 2013

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2 Answers


When implementing an EMR system there are several challenges, but if done right, the reward is often greater than the costs.

-Clear, concise, and complete data on patients can be easily recalled for review, auditing, reoprting.
-Better tracking of patient history (prescriptions, medications, etc).
-Reduction in human errors (penmanship, filing).
-Security, little to no chance of losing/misplacing papers and charts.
-More efficient

-Takes time/resources to implement and for people to get used to using it.
-Employees have to get used to new workflow.
-Dependent on power/internet (can be a problem in certain situations/locations).
-Web/Cloud based EMR may feel less secure to many,

answered by Chris Chang  –  June 18, 2013

Walter, Chris has hit some great points. Add to those the additional Pros of being more compliant and audit-worthy, as well as avoiding penalties from Medicare and Medicaid if an EMR is not adopted by 2016; Cons also include the unfortunate fact that many (most) EMRs require physicians to work the way the software decides you should work, rather than the way you actually do. Finding the right solution will alleviate much of the perceived cons in this effort. Just be prepared to go through the adoption process and growing pains of moving to electronic records. The right system will prove its worth quickly in faster charting, more patients being seen, and better/higher AR. Good luck!

Michelle Boucher

answered by Michelle B.  –  July 24, 2013

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