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What factors should we include in deciding which CRM to purchase?


Such factors as efficiency, methodology, and other matters have already crossed our minds and we are looking for a CRM that meets those needs. HOWEVER, as most things in life, you cannot predict everything until it actually happens, this is why we ask you all, what uncommon factors should we be aware about that we may not realize not having used a CRM prior to now.

Thank you.

asked by William D.  –  July 23, 2013
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Great question. I will answer in multiple parts. When looking for a CRM it is important to remember they all have basic deliverables and components. Where companies experience a failure is not in the technology itself, but the processes your company follows in it's day to day operations. There are many solutions on the market designed by a team directed by a board to deliver what will appeal to the masses. If you are being shown several solutions, make a list of the top 3-5 things you are wishing to accomplish by having a CRM in place. Easy enough to do, you probably already did this, but what most CRM providers will show is the solution to it and how "THEY" do it. Most will not dig into the processes around these problems in a way that will make it easy for your users to adapt to. Having said that it is very important that you look for industry specific solutions used by peers in your industry. This will cut down on having to customize, train, and implement a CRM that fixes your problems, but does it without creating more problems to have to fix. Getting references from existing customers that do exactly what you do and go to market exactly how you go to market will cut your learning curve significantly and greatly improve the odds of success for your roll out of your own CRM. To continue to answer your question even further, I suggest you post what type of company you are, how you go to market, and the key pain points you are looking to solve.

Best Regards in your search,

Rick Suhm

answered by Rick Suhm  –  July 23, 2013

Like what Rick said, the process of selecting your business is unique to your business.
Selecting a CRM is more than determining what CRM is best; it's determining what hole you as a business are trying to fill and identify the tools that will best fill that hole.

The most important thing to remember is that you're not only looking for the best overall CRM, you're looking for features that are tuned toward what your business needs to perform. Features that are one business' lifeline goes unused for another. I recommend that you look at one of business-software top CRM reports: overall, cloud, social, on-premise, enterprise, small business, or mobile. Look at the various features and modules listed and ask yourself "is this what my company needs?" Often times a long list of features sounds good on paper but ends up not being something you fully implement or use yourself.

answered by Miranda Limonczenko  –  July 26, 2013

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