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What is the best accounting system for the Philippines?

asked by Ascencion F.  –  April 14, 2013

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2 Answers


Unless you're referring to Phillipines-specific accounting practices, you should be able to meet all of your needs using one of the many SaaS or on-premise accounting options available worldwide.

For personal accounting I would suggest a SaaS options like Mint, Wave, or Xero. Also check out our summary of online options for personal accounting here.

If you're looking for an online accounting platform for your business, browse our report on the best accounting solutions for SMBs as well as our list of the best alternatives to QuickBooks.

answered by Michael Tauscher  –  April 16, 2013

I know for a fact that many accountants in the Philippines use either the U.S. or UK version of Quickbooks. Last I heard there's a bit of a tradeoff depending on which version you use: the U.S. version can handle multicurrency transactions, but doesn't support value-added tax; the UK version can factor in VAT, but doesn't support multicurrency. If you're interested in pursuing Quickbooks I'd recommend you contact a Philippines-based reseller like Quickbooks Philippines to find out what the situation is with the most current versions.

answered by Mark Aspillera  –  April 16, 2013

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