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What is the best CRM, easiest to use?

asked by Anne S.  –  April 19, 2013

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2 Answers


That depends largely on your needs. What functionality do you need? How many user groups do you have? How many users in total? There are a lot of factors. Asking what CRM is the best for you is a lot like asking what car you should buy. Too much information we do not have that is required to make an intelligent recommendation.

answered by Grant Epstein  –  April 22, 2013

Anne, a good example is BPMonline CRM with new engaging interface - the system is as simple as your favorite social network.
You will love elegant minimalistic design that is free from redundant information and keeps you focused on what’s relevant. The solution is so intuitive that you will get it right from the start!

Powerful and easy to use, the solution provides deep customization at an incredibly inexpensive price point – just $35 / month / seat.

Try it at

answered by Sophie B.  –  April 2, 2014

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