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what is the best end to end software solutions for a startup that covers product from factory to distribution to retail and the hands of the consumer ?

asked by anwar q.  –  October 6, 2013
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Hi Anwar -

There are many ERP's that will provide good high level functionality for end to end processing. However if your requirements are detailed in any one are you should look for a Best of Breed (BoB) solution. For instance my company (Snapfulfil) provides a BoB solution for Warehouse Management (WMS) that is significantly better than what you will find in any ERP solution. Happy to discuss further if you have a WMS requirement you find is not filled by the ERP you choose.

Kirk Anderson
P: 303-464-7070

answered by Kirk Anderson  –  October 8, 2013

Hello there,

As Kirk said, what you need to be looking for is an ERP. And as a small startup, you need to be looking for a scalable SaaS solution. I wrote an article on the top 5 small to medium-sized business (SMB) ERPs. Aptean is a great manufacturing ERP that may suite your needs just fine. So might Netsuite, which provides an end-to-end, affordable SaaS solution for SMBs.

If you're looking for more detailed recommendations, you can check out our Top 20 ERP report which provides a wide variety of solutions for every type of business.

answered by Miranda Limonczenko  –  October 10, 2013

Hi Guy
We are a consultancy that work across the entire breadth of solutions. The problem with advice from specific vendors/resellers is that they will always be swayed to advise you on their offerings. I would point you to our website to have a look at what we do.
Basically the best solution for you will come down to your specific requirements - and which solutions in the market will meet your requirements with the least amount of customisation/third party add-ons.
We have no conflict of interest - so we advise as a buyers agent and ensure that you will only get the best solution which will represent the best value for your business.
You will quickly realise as you go to market that this is going to be a time consuming exercise for you and your business as you are shown all the whizz bang demonstrations by all and sundry and promised the world.
Do not hesitate to contact me if you would like to discuss the best options for your business.

answered by Glen Campbell  –  October 20, 2013

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