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What is the best ERP software with warehouse management capabilities?


What is the best ERP software with warehouse management capabilities?

asked by Ken M.  –  June 15, 2013

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Hi Ken,

Depending on what sort of functionality you're looking for Blue Link ERP offeres some warehouse management capabilities in addition to the standard inventory and accounting ERP functionality. We are best suited for businesses in the wholesale and distribution industry. For a more comprehensive list of our warehouse functionality visit our site:

Hope this helps!

answered by Samantha Hornby  –  June 18, 2013

Hi Ken -

I've copied an answer I made to another similar question here:

Depending on your WMS requirements it may be better to select the ERP and WMS separately. In my experience choose solutions for what they are best at! Integration between systems these days is a non issue. Choose the best ERP for your requirements and then choose the best WMS for your current and anticipated 3-5 year needs. When looking for a WMS pay particular attention to those on the Gartner Magic Quadrant list as these have the best functionality and names in the industry. In particular my company (Synergy Logistics - Snapfulfil) provides a Cloud/SaaS model that may fit what you are looking for. Let me know if you would like to discuss further.

answered by Kirk Anderson  –  July 10, 2013

Hello Ken,
When I saw this question, I immediately thought of Apptricity. This company prides itself on its warehouse management in ERP software. The software offers features such as scheduling, automated inventory storage through graphical mapping, and shipping management. It is also available on mobile devices, and you have the choice of SaaS or on-premise installation. It's certainly a strong candidate to consider.

answered by Miranda Limonczenko  –  June 17, 2013

Depends on your market - for the food industry, the integrated WMS and ERP platform from JustFoodERP is a great software. See here, and contact us if you want more granular detail.

answered by Heather Angus-Lee  –  June 20, 2013

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