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What is the best Inventory Management software for distribution companies


Trading mass market products in USA, Europe

asked by Jeff K.  –  October 7, 2013
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Hi Jeff -

I'd like to learn more about your requirements. An inventory management solution may not be enough for you. A Warehouse Management Solution (WMS) may be a better fit. Happy to discuss if Snapfulfil may do the job.

Kirk Anderson
P: 303-464-7070

answered by Kirk Anderson  –  October 8, 2013

Hi Jeff

You can give us a try at The free edition lets you use the software for as long as you like to see if it's a right fit for you. No need to give your email or any contact details to try it out (we don't have sales people - we let the software sell itself).

We have thousands of distributors using it, so it should work for your mass market products as well. As Jeff suggested though, it's probably a good idea to get in touch just so we can make sure we can do everything you're looking for...

You can email me direct at or call 1 866 923 4974 x 711.


answered by Matt K.  –  October 15, 2013

Yes Kirk, I am looking at 3 WMS systems now.
CROSSPOINT, MANTIS and XTRACK. These are highly rated systems in Europe.
Anybody have any experience / knowledge of these products?

answered by Jeff K.  –  October 23, 2013

Thanks Jeff. I've not come across the 3 WMS's you've mentioned before (maybe because I'm in the US). I can connect you with my colleagues in the UK/Europe to discuss if Snapfulfil (From Synergy Logistics ltd.) is a fit.

Feel free to enquire via the website as well (

Kirk Anderson
P: 1-303-464-7070

answered by Kirk Anderson  –  October 23, 2013

Hi Jeff,

I'd suggest you to try Contalog, is the best multi-channel inventory management software that integrates with Amazon, eBay and other selling channels like eCommerce stores, mobile apps, B2B stores and much more.

It renders real time inventory tracking for single/multiple sales channels from multiple locations in a centralised interface. Real time stock updates, analytics reports, bin tracking and stock adjustments are the highlight features of Contalog. For more visit :

answered by John B.  –  April 12, 2017

I would recommend EMERGE App,
It's not only the best inventory management software out there but it's also free for the first user forever.

answered by Lylene C.  –  March 15, 2018

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