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What is the best Transportation Management System?

asked by Alex T.  –  October 27, 2013
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It 's hard to answer your question without any knowledge about your company and your expectations, but you can check LoGeo provided by Information Makers B.V. at

LoGeo is specially developed for road transport companies to improve efficiency and reduce cost. It is cloud-based and works on computers and Android devices 24/7 via internet, no installation needed. It takes care of the core business of a transport company and can also integrate with other software such as HR and Finance systems.

The major functions include:
Shipment management
Track & trace of vehicles and parcels
Automatic route planning
Warehouse management
Financials & invoicing
Paperwork & reporting

There is also a Driver App and a Warehouse Scanning App that work on Android devices to help the work done faster, easier and prevent possible errors. You can watch a demo video of the Driver App at to see how it works.

Please just leave me a message if you'd like to know more or have any questions. Hope the information here can help you.

answered by Shanshan Z.  –  December 4, 2014

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