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When selecting an implementation company, what do you look for?

asked by Dave T.  –  October 6, 2013
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A few suggestions:

- look for a provider that will get to know your business and your business goals and objectives
- select one that will advise you on the best solution for your business, not try to fit your business to their product
- look for number of implementations in similar companies as yours
- find out about after sales support


answered by deborah b.  –  October 9, 2013

I would look for a smaller firm or maybe an independent consultant that has experience with my industry. You want your project to be important to them. Fitting the software to the business is a successful approach but that takes more time and money. If you can find ways to fit the business to the software it will save time and money. Having someone who communicates well, knows the product and knows business is the best thing. There are three reasons to hire a consultant. 1. They have knowledge you don't have. 2. You need a change agent to force change you might not want to do yourself. 3. You could do it all yourself but you need an extra set of hands because you don't have the time. Determining which of these is most important to you may effect the type of firm or individual you hire.

answered by Daniel R.  –  November 8, 2013

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