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Which is cheapest ERP system for small business


Which is cheapest ERP system for small business

asked by Eddie O.  –  August 22, 2013

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2 Answers


Hi Eddie,

Thanks for the question! In general ERP solutions are typically more expensive than products in other software segments, in part simply because with an ERP system your company gets many tools wrapped into one centralized platform. What turns out to be cheapest for your SMB will also depend on exactly what needs your company has, but I would say that Sage ERP X3 is a relatively affordable system with a range of features best suited for a smaller company. The Microsoft Dynamics product series, which includes Microsoft Dynamics GP, is another budget-friendly option for smaller businesses, with a variety of ERP software solutions tailored to different industries.

answered by Kristin Crosier  –  August 28, 2013

Hey Eddie,

I wanted to add to Kristin's stellar answer to your question.
She brought up a great point: ERP is a far more expensive solution than a stand-alone, single function product. Since getting an entire ERP package comprises of modules in finance, HR, and manufacturing, you might have to ask yourself what you can do without.

Business-Software has a No-Cost Office blog series. In each article, we give five or so suggestions of software you can get for free or with paid perks. You can build your office using the Free HR article or the Free Accounting or Free CRM, and mix-and-match solutions to build a working office without spending anything.

But as far as cheap ERP goes, I have one more suggestion: Xtuple. This is an open-source ERP that allows you to run their accounting module for free. If you are looking to run your office for very cheap, Xtuple might be one of the first places you can look.

answered by Miranda Limonczenko  –  August 28, 2013

Hi Eddie -

Will you have inventory control, distribution, order fulfillment, shipping, etc.... requirements? An ERP will likely not be robust enough to support you in this space. A best of breed Warehouse Management Solution (WMS) will better support your operational requirements. My company (Snapfulfil) has a Tier 1 WMS solution based on a Cloud/SaaS deployment model that is great for Small to Medium sized businesses and can Scale to Enterprise clients. Let me know if interested to learn more.


answered by Kirk Anderson  –  September 3, 2013

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