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Which is the best software to manage bookkeeping for multiple small to medium size farms? (1 to 75 seasonal employees)


– Full Package
PR (W4 & new hired notification, Month+Quart taxes, 1099’s, W2’s), AP (from inv. or stats), AR (deposits, light collections, stats), balancing monthly bank statements, Inventories (Chemicals, fertilizers, supplies, plants, equipment, etc.), preparation of documents for Accountant at the End of the Year, etc.
– By “Modules”.
As needed or requested by customer.

Thanks for any information/suggestion/advice.

Carlos T.-

asked by Carlos T.  –  June 30, 2013

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1 Answer


Connected Business should be a good choice since it's a solution that integrates your inventory with your accounting. It's also has "modules".

answered by Stephen A.  –  July 1, 2013

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